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The Japanese Coast Guard might have the U.S. Coast Guard beat in at least one respect: choreography. In this amazing video posted on YouTube, you can witness Japanese Coast Guardsmen dressed like school girls performing a flawlessly executed dance routine during sea and anchor detail. Prove the world wrong, U.S. Coast Guard. Let’s see some response videos. Observe: [youtube][/youtube] Those Japanese maritime types sure know how to make the military fun for the whole family.

To follow up on a discussion from earlier in the week about Navy recruiting commercials, it seemed necessary to illustrate the point with this week’s bored sailor video. Remember a few years ago when the Navy purchased the rights to Godsmack’s then-hit song Awake? Despite the jokes about the commercials, the heavy guitar riff soon became not identified with the band’s hit single but with Navy recruiting efforts. In other words, whoever pushed to purchase the rights to the song for the Navy’s commercials had pulled off a stroke of marketing genius. Godsmack’s star faded somewhat in the wake of…

For those of you who have never sat through the movie “Napoleon Dynamite,” a scene near the end depicts Napoleon, the high school social outcast, busting some serious moves in front of his peers at a rally for his friend Pedro who is running for class president. See dance scene here. For this week’s bored sailor video, Scoop Deck presents a very haze gray remake of that classic scene. [youtube][/youtube]

There are few things on earth that make sailors want to sing as much as preventive maintenance. It may be true that some may loathe the endless hours of cleaning air filters, replacing valves, wire-brushing fire stations and changing water-tight gaskets. But that doesn’t seem to hold true for carrier Abraham Lincoln’s hip-hop artist extraordinaire Dog Zebra. For him, it doesn’t matter how late it is, he’s gonna conduct his maintenance. DZ posted his latest beat this morning and it may just be the single greatest song about the shipboard material maintenance management system of all time. If you can…

A few months ago, soldiers from the 82nd Airborne in Afghanistan grabbed a lot of attention for their remake of Lady GaGa’s “Telephone.” The hype translated into more than five million views on YouTube and culminated with an appearance on CBS’s Early Show by video mastermind and GaGa enthusiast Sgt. Aaron Melcher. Colleague Dan Lamothe at Marine Corps Times has been posting a bored Marine video of the week as a wind-down after a long five days of journalistic excellence. If you haven’t seen the video of Marines jousting out at Twentynine Palms, Calif., it is important you click here…

Last week, Lockheed Martin conducted the first in-air refueling test for the F-35B (with a KC-130J tanker). Check out this video shot in the skies over Texas. [youtube][/youtube]

[youtube][/youtube] So check out this video — some of the geniuses up at MIT in Boston have developed an application for the iPhone that can fly a UAV. Just tilt the phone, and the plane moves. One of those geniuses was Missy Cummings, one of the Navy’s first female fighter pilots back in the early 1990s. She was at a UAV conference in Washington. “My lab’s general philosophy is that anybody should be able to operate a UAV,” she said.

[youtube][/youtube] Check out this video of a Royal Australian Air Force F-111 landing without wheels at RAAF Base Amberley in Queensland. Good thing to tailhook worked. Crikey!

Pilots in the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter will be able to see through the walls and floor of their own plane, thanks to a new high-tech helmet that’ll make NVGs seem like your grand daddy’s bifocals. Check out this recently released video from Northrop Grumman that shows off the new system. (Jump ahead to about the 3:50 minute point in the 6 minute video to see the helmet part.) [youtube][/youtube]

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