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Pepper spray “familiarization” is old hat for master-at-arms sailors. But I’m guessing that not all those who volunteer for security department duty know what they’re getting into when they raise their right hand. At some point during the training, it looks something like this: Given the message on the shirt, Chapman knew what was coming on this particular day. Looks like someone didn’t take his advice.

So you want to be a Navy master-at-arms or join a ship’s security force? Know that this is a hurdle you’ll have to clear: Yep, that’s a faceful of Oleoresin Capsicum spray — a staple of master-at-arms “A” school training and part of a requirement for shipboard security force qualification. But you don’t just get a level one (directly in the face) spray shot of the (obviously) non-lethal pepper spray, which burns like the dickens and can cause breathing problems. You have to show you can fight through the pain and do your job: That guy in the Storm Trooper…