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Here is this week’s Navy Times interactive map, showing what sailors are doing around the world. Information for the week ending March 14 is provided by Navy public affairs. [googlemaps,-0.703125&spn=148.622757,9.84375&z=1&output=embed&w=526&h=350]

You may have caught it in passing on a news ticker or blog, but have no clue what or where on Earth are the Spratly islands. But you hear they are contested islands some defense experts think potentially could spark the start of a regional war. The archipelago is comprised of small atolls, reefs, islets and outcroppings in the South China Sea, west of the Philippines and spread across a large area but claimed by the Philippines, China, Vietnam, Taiwan and Malaysia. The islands, which range in size from small to tiny, are in a prime fishing region and sit…