Author Gina Cavallaro

Forward Operating Base Jackson, Sangin, Afghanistan – During the month of June, when the Taliban kicked off the brunt of its fighting against Marines with 1st Battalion, 5th Marines, members of the Shock Trauma Platoon saw casualties every day, it was a busy time when lives were saved and bodies patched up. Things have slowed a bit, which means fewer Marines are being hurt. But for the trauma platoon it means wide valleys of time… they’re on call 24/7 and not permitted to leave the base or perform any duties that would take them away from the aid station. Time…

As quickly as the news spread of the killing of Osama Bin Laden, a picture of his alleged bloodied death face began circulating. It has been lighting up the pages of Facebook and making the rounds on TV reports, websites and strings of emails. Click here to see the alleged photo. Just as quickly, though, the authenticity of the photo was being debunked on the web. Even the Associated Press, which disseminates photos to news organizations around the world, recalled the photo after determining it was bogus.