Unrequited mid love has a home on Facebook

(Photo via Facebook)

(Photo via Facebook)

Dating at a small school can be complicated, particularly when there are all kinds of rules about canoodling outside of your rank or within your company.

Luckily, the Naval Academy midshipmen looking to cross over to the dark side have a place to publicly declare their affection for one another on the USNA Crushes site, where the moderator (moderators?) posts anonymously submitted love notes.

There are 100 posts as of Friday, with 952 likes and counting. Most of them are unique, but there are a couple of popular kids with more than one admirer. Allison Shafer and Ryan Breznik, congratulations.

Several good Samaritans are also tagging the objects of affection in the comments, tipping them off to their shout-outs. Others are using the page to make a love connection:

#43 Angie Zacardi will you join me on a plebe date this Friday at 18th Company table 14.

#9 Brooke Merchant you wanna go on a steerage date after muster?

Here’s a selection of the greatest hits:

#95 Jacoby Getty not only does your personality make me swoon but so do your muscles

#81 Nick Neighbors your glutes just won’t stop will they?

#78 Victoria Oakes has eyes that pierce my soul. No mid goggles required.

#74 Will Gurzynski…now there is a man who knows how to handle a goat#dreamy

#65 Liam Gregory, I’d share a dubtub with you any day.

#50 Christina Blackburn’s workout shorts in Wes B melt my soul. I would buy her a nice dinner and definitely call her afterward.

#29 Mike Tupica has the strongest jaw line and the biggest biceps. I just wish he would invite me to his farm one weekend.

#3 Brooke, you make restriction worthwhile

To follow the action, check out USNA Crushes, while it lasts.


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