Sailors seek support to bring Afghanistan puppies home


SO2 Landoe and adopted puppy Logar in Afghanistan. (Photo courtesy Guardians of Rescue)

A Naval Special Warfare unit preparing to return from its latest deployment is hoping to bring back two honorary members, and they’re looking for donations to make that happen.

Special Operator 2nd Class (SEAL) Sam Landoe and his team adopted two puppies, Logar and Falcor, during their time in Afghanistan. Now he’s working with a rescue organization to raise $6,000 to pay for their transport to the States.

Landoe teamed up with Guardians of Rescue to bring the pups home through their Mission No Buddy Left Behind program, which was featured on Anderson Cooper 360 last year.

“I can’t imagine what will become of these dogs that we love so much if we can’t bring them home,” Landoe said in a news release.

The plan is to send the dogs first to Washington to live with Landoe’s parents, then bring them to San Diego when he returns home.

“If just 600 people donated $10 each, we could make this a successful mission,” Guardians of Rescue Vice President Dori Scofield said in the release.

The team adopted Logar from a village elder, whom they were meeting with as part of their outreach efforts. Landoe noticed the puppy was dirty and malnourished, so he offered the elder some scrap wood in exchange for the dog.

Falcor came soon after, brought to the team by some Afghan locals in much the same condition as Logar before him. The unit taught them commands and made them a part of the family.

“We are just hoping that we can get the support we need to bring them home with us,” Landoe said. “They have been an important part of our tour here, and we want to keep them a part of our lives.”

The $6,000 cost of bringing the dogs home goes directly to Nowzad Dogs, a shelter in Afghanistan that facilitates stateside adoptions. The price covers transportation (over land and through cargo flight to the U.S.) and veterinary treatment, including rabies testing and vaccination, vaccinations for common canine viruses, flea and tick treatment, deworming and spay/neuter surgery.

For more information on donating to Logar and Falcor, visit


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  1. Donated for both puppies! Thank you SO MUCH for your service and for the love in your hearts for these two pups! You all are truly the BEST of the BEST.

  2. Robert McPherson on

    I would love to donate. They are amazing animals and they helped me when I was in Afghanistan. Our SeaBee team was allowed to play with them a bit. Be careful coming home and I hope to hear from you soon.


  3. Dale Serfoss on

    It’s things like this that turn my gut. Hundreds and thousands of dollars will be collected to bring these dogs to the USA. And, if truth be known, they have less than a 50/50 chance of surviving going through quarantine.

    Then you have someone like me, I’m in need of $100,000 for medical purposes and I posted here and there asking for people’s help and NOT one single person responded wanting to donate, NOT ONE!!! I only received foul comments that only added salt to my wounds.

    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE dogs dearly, but when human life is on the table vs. the welfare of a dog; I’d much rather see money spent for human life!!!

  4. I’ll take the dogs AND the man! Nice to see our awesome, and I mean AWESOME military men & women that care for their Country, their active duty, and a heart to help mans best friend. As a huge military supporter, I wish I had the executive power to bring those dogs home AND our military heroes. God speed.

  5. That should be in the budget! Why are there so, so, so, many Help the Vets Charity’s everywhere in the media in this country that’s so ” I Support the Vets”, USA, USA, USA,” every fucking where… Like last weeks vote on the Veteran’s Benefits bill that failed with 100% Dems voting yes, and 100% GOP voting no… The Vets are being shit on and that vote alone should kill every tea-bagger or gop’er re-election campaign nation-wide! That’s NOT how my Father was treated after WWII, and Korea!

  6. How will we find out if the goal was met? And yes, we should help humans as well as dogs. This is a good thing. Support the WWP also.

  7. Why can these dogs not be transferred to a unit or organization that will allow them to stay in the country? What would happen if a military unit took in an orphan street-rat as a pet?

  8. Ridiculous!!! U were over there on a MISSION.. NOT to be getting attached to dogs !!! We have
    millions of homeless/ abandoned/ neglected/malnurished ect.. ect.. dogs right here,
    in YOUR OWN COUNTRY!!! adopt ONE of them,
    or TWO!!!!!

  9. Donated $10. Nothing pissed me off more about General Order No. 1 in Iraq than the rule that we couldn’t feed/pet dogs or cats.

  10. I just donated $10 towards the effort to bring Falcor and Logan home. Please make sure my donation is applied towards that effort. Thank you!

  11. Ok ..So We had those mutts running around, spawning young.. Some wanted to feed them, build a dog house, adopt them, bring them back thru quarantine. Get over it.. Army turds sent out teams to shoot mutts in FOBs because they were basically disease spreading wild mutts..Collect money for a buddy that lost his legs after getting blown up! SO2 get a real purpose

  12. Hey turd.. Go get wet in a muddy river outside Helmand. We wasted dozens!! of dogs in our VSO bcuz they wouldn’t shut the fuck up and would bark when we went out the wire during night ops, or tried to sleep and they sneaked thru the hescos and roamed thru the trash. Where you at turd? I’ll come down there n make you pay for it

  13. I will try to donate, however there are some nasty comments in here, we all have the free will to aid for any cause we choose..some people have a passion for dogs and there is nothing wrong about it, it actually means there is good in this soldiers hearts…I feel proud of them and for the ones supporting them

  14. Keep your nasty opinions to your self on

    If you don’t support the cause or don’t want to donate that’s your perogative. But keep your nasty comments to yourself!! No one cares about your negative ranting on this page so save it! This is a way to directly and positively impact our troops, so if your interested, like so many obviously are, then awesome. If not then simply don’t donate. Period. I, for one am in!

  15. This site is for people who want to donate so these guys can bring these dogs home, it is not a site for donations to humans. I am sorry for your need but it would serve you better to go to sites that aide you instead of giving grief to those who also choose to assist with this.

  16. The only organization affiliated with this story is Guardians of Rescue and I see other org’s posting links that have nothing to do with the dogs in this story. If you are making donations to this cause only send to They are the one’s helping the team bring the dogs back over to the states and need the support.

  17. If you wish to send a check, please go to Guardians of Rescue website at and on the tab that states ‘donations’ there is an address…. thank you! Every bit helps!

  18. Hey to those nay sawyer’s just because your opinion doesn’t follow those of these sailors doesn’t mean you should degrade what they’re trying to do and bring up your own or those less fortune it! One thing is being negative, but to start the conversation by saying another man’s idea’s and opinion serve no purpose than to waist money. How dare you, they put the life’s on the line just like anyone in the armed forces. They want to bring a dog home I’m sure that’s just fine through the right process, you want help take a tip use the correct channels…

  19. You can also donate at Nowzad is the only animal shelter in afghan. And it has a large mandate to vaccinate spay and neuter stray dogs and cats and take care of other abused animals.
    These particular animals have come to mean a great deal PERSONALLY to deployed servicemen/women in very stressful conditions. They are being brought stateside because they have become like family and it is too hard to leave them behind to have to fight and forage again. For those people who say we have animals here – we also have people here to adopt them and care for them. There is no one in Afghan who will care for those dogs. They eat plastic they are so hungry. So let those individuals who want to make a difference – make a difference – and do all of your own good work the way you choose.

  20. Well nice of them to give the dogs a chance at life over there. But I know for a fact as a 2nd class I could save about $20k deployed. Now this is an SO2….making the same I did and some. He can front his own money to bring a dog back to live with him and his fam.

  21. I bet he will not only donate $ for his own dogs, but for other future rescues, and for the upkeep of the shelter, and for spaying and neutering of strays. People all around the world do, and once someone has helped you, you pay it forward. Rabies is a huge part of the anti – dog attitude and vaccinating the strays is ongoing. When the troops pull out the Nowzad Shelter will be run and staffed by Afghanis, and the vets are Afghans. Afghan neighbors are adopting for house pets and bringing in animals for care – a new model. Attitudes are changing slowly.

  22. This is in response to Pat, who left a comment on March 11: “Ridiculous!!! U were over there on a MISSION.. NOT to be getting attached to dogs !!! We have
    millions of homeless/ abandoned/ neglected/malnurished ect.. ect.. dogs right here,
    in YOUR OWN COUNTRY!!! adopt ONE of them,
    or TWO!!!!!”

    This entire comment disgusts me. We already ask the military to go to another country and stay in constant danger, under constant stress, for some mythical reason that is called a “War on Terror” (and we know how well the war on drugs is going). According to Pat, they’re only supposed to think about the mission, and their jobs, and nothing else. Asking the military to suppress their own humanity to the point that they refuse to even consider helping another living creature is one of the most terrible ideas I’ve ever considered. Nobody goes downrange to be “getting attached to dogs.” They get attached to dogs so they can stay human and sane, and so they don’t become monsters that come home and kill or destroy their families, their communities, and themselves. How dare you ask them to become robotic monsters just because our government sent them over there?
    As for the millions of animals who need homes here- you’re right. But asking these people who have accepted and adopted these animals as part of their family to leave them behind just because there are more back home? That’s basically saying that hey, that dog is just like this other dog. That’s why there are so many pets abandoned in the first place! That idea that they’re disposable objects, easily replaced when you get settled in the next town, or when the old one isn’t cute any more, you just go get a new one. These dogs are their FAMILY, and you don’t leave FAMILY behind.
    There are also millions of homeless people, and millions of children in foster care. Are you posting rants about “Why don’t people stop having children? There are are millions of people in need of families and homes already here!”

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