What's all that racket? It's just reveille


Machinist Mate 1st Class Heath Maloon, right, blows a whistle as he and Master-at-Arms 2nd Class Matthew Duggan lower the flag at Naval Weapons Station Earle, N.J.

This past summer, the waterfront complex at Naval Weapons Station Earle, N.J., put in a new emergency broadcast system. Within weeks, the base was fielding calls from neighbors about the new and unwelcome noise.

The Asbury Park Press reported that neighbors have been asking the base to turn the volume down for the 8 a.m. “Call to Colors” and playing of the national anthem.

“Why should someone not in the service have to wake up to reveille?’” asked Bob Wille, a Belford, N.J., resident who has called to complain.

According to base spokesman Michael Brady, the new system went live a few months ago after at least three years with a broken system, during which the complex didn’t broadcast the ceremonies at all.

In the past few months, some residents have said they can hear the music playing over the sounds of traffic when they’re at home.

“We’re only asking them to drop the volume. We’re not against anything,” said Matt DiBenedetto, who has lived near the base for 29 years.

Others don’t mind at all. Korean War veteran Andrew Lucina has lived on 11th Street in Belford for 55 years, and said he looks forward to hearing the music each day and doesn’t feel sorry for those who might be sleeping at that time.

“Play it as loud as they want,” he said.

The base has been testing the system with sound meters in the Belford and Leonardo neighborhoods so they can adjust the volume to a more palatable level.

Funny enough, though, the big voice has been down since last Thursday. According to Brady, a radio transmitter failed and as of Tuesday morning, a contractor is working on repairs.

He told Navy Times they’re hopeful the system will be up and running by the end of the day.


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  1. I am Deaf and use American Sign Language. Ironically enough my name is Heath. Play the colors as loud as you want. If people do not want to live near a military base then move away. Colors or Reveille is a daily part of military life.

  2. Get over yourselves! All of these service members are out there fighting the good fight and you are mad that at 8 am you have to listen to the national anthem? What kind of person are you? For 25 my husband has served his country, I have also served my country and deployed to the Gulf in the 90’s to defend it. It makes me sick that people like you complain about such things. How does this hurt you? How do you let this ruin your day? You must be the kind of person who doesn’t pull over your car when a funeral procession goes by, or when a firetruck needs to pass to get to an emergency because you are WAY too important to be bothered! I wish I lived in your neighborhood, I would blast patriotic music from my car and drive up and down your street all day!

  3. Get over it if you live near a base its a part of life. Besides 8 am is not early, be grateful it doesn’t play when the sun rises.

  4. The Base needs to be a good neighbor and turn the noise down.
    When I was in the Air Force we NEVER had to do the reveille crap. There is no need to bother folks not on the base or the guys who work nights on the base either.

  5. You have all forgotten what happened across that bay, if it was 9-12-2001 you would all be crying like babies when 8 am hit and Reveille plays followed by the National Anthem. And Froggy your right you were in the Air Force, Y’all called it Retreat at 1700 and went home. Your the one that pisses me off more then the non military folk. Your a Vet, act like it. Your the kind that give the USAF a bad name. For you non-military. You complain about our Tradition, and National Anthem. It could be worse you could be hearing that horrible call to prayer those Muslims play at sunrise, Noon, and Sunset. Y’all could move to the middle east if ya want!

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