Study: USNA grads making good money — once they're out of uniform


(Naval Academy photo)

Military pay might not be very competitive, but according to a study by, Naval Academy graduates are ranked second in salary among civilians with bachelor’s degrees.

According to the site, many former mids go on to take management and executive positions in corporate America, where they make a median starting salary of $77,100.  That number jumps to $131,000 by mid-career. The study also found that 69 percent of academy grads find a high amount of meaning in their current jobs.

Annapolis came in just below Harvey Mudd College and just ahead of the California Institute of Technology, schools famous for turning out wildly talented engineers. It’s no surprise, then, with the academy’s chemical, weapons and other engineering degrees, that former midshipmen would find themselves on a similar job path. Plus, the post-college Navy commitment is built-in leadership experience.

Fifty-two astronauts, 24 members of Congress, and a President of the United States round out the Naval Academy’s cache. And when it comes to the financial sector, there’s always the current CEO of General Motors. Not to mention this guy.

On a related note, the U.S. Military Academy came in at no. 7, with a $74,000 starting salary and $120,000 mid-career.


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  1. The title of this article is WAY OFF! Being a Navy Pilot myself, if you take into account all of the income we get from the Navy (BAH and BAS, which are non-taxed, Flight Pay, Sea Pay, etc), it is MUCH BETTER to stay in the Navy. In fact, a 10 year O-3 stationed in San Diego, makes the equivalent of ~$138,000 a year! Good luck finding that kind of money when you get out!

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