Navy's latest CO scandal heats up, reaches "Colbert Report" (w/VIDEO)


First, read Scoop Deck’s take on the recent cereal faker scandal that has rocketed its way around the Internet, to the point of drawing an official response from the Navy about Cap’n Crunch’s personnel records, or lack thereof.

A Navy spokesman says NCIS will soon get involved in what will certainly be labeled “Crunch-gate,” and since the real NCIS couldn’t possibly be bothered, it’s a natural assumption that he means these guys.

But really, if you want a TV show to address this mess, it’s best left to the experts. Stephen Colbert weighs in below, but here are some key Colbert talking points for those of you whose browsers/phones/iToasters don’t support video: Mr. Crunch is a dirty liar, there are rumors of a Nazi past, and absolutely everybody in the media and entertainment industry is making the same “General Mills” joke.


That should put the matter to rest until another military-themed news story ignites the Internet, which is famous for its notoriously short attention spa … hey, look, bunnies!


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