VIDEO: David Letterman finds a fix for Navy budget crisis


It took late-night TV legend David Letterman about 50 seconds to do what loads of PowerPoint presentations, deployment-schedule shifts and turn-down-that-thermostat directives couldn’t: Solve the Navy’s budget mess.

The fix involves overweight comedian Louie Anderson in a wet suit.

Which doesn’t come up in any of those Navy PowerPoints. Not even in the footnotes.

The “Late Show” weapons initiative has to be seen to be appreciated; click this link for video or skip to the 1:05 mark in the clip below.


Letterman’s no stranger to military strategy at its highest levels. And he’s good with the enlisted side, too, as evidenced from this 2002 Top 10 list.

For Monday’s full show, including a sit-down with “NCIS” star Mark Harmon, click here.


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