A service academy 'Harlem Shake'-off


In what is quickly becoming the “Gangnam Style” of 2013, the services are going head to head in the “Harlem Shake.”

If you’re unfamiliar with the spastic dance move, it involves a single masked person dancing in a room full of people, who ignore the dancer. After maybe 15 seconds, the entire thing erupts into a giant dance party full of crazy moves, costumes and thrashing.

First up is the Naval Academy, featuring the 13th Company and a man in a blue suit. My only question: where did that mid find a horse head mask?


The Coast Guard Academy also got in on the fun, braving cold and snow to rock out.


May as well take a look at the non-maritime competition. Check out one of West Point’s efforts, which features a half-naked cadet rubbing himself down with body oil, with the caption “When cadets get bored in the barracks.”


Unfortunately, the Air Force Academy has yet to make its own version. Get on it, Falcons!

Update: It was brought to my attention by a cadet at the Air Force Academy that they did in fact have their own video, but that it had been taken down from Youtube. You can check it out on BuzzFeed.

These are only a small sampling of the many, many military Harlem Shake renditions out there. Did we leave out your favorite? Has your unit made one? Do any of these go too far? Let us know in the comments below.



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