Navy twist to boy band One Direction's latest video


Note to parents of young girls: Do not click on the following video if your child is in the room. High-pitched screaming could result.


For those a few generations behind, here’s a primer: No, the New Kids on the Block didn’t regroup, get younger and get British (and/or Irish). That’s pop-megagroup One Direction, the latest ridiculously popular boy band, in a teaser for the upcoming video “Kiss You,” soon to melt a YouTube hit counter near you.

The boys — Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, Tito, Jermaine, Lance, Justin, Danny, Jordan, Joey, Ringo and Zayn — are dressed in sailor outfits, among other getups, for the shoot, which reports will feature “pure stupidity.”

MTV, for those unaware, used to play music videos. Think of it like a YouTube for the 1980s, only with fewer cat videos and this guy.

We’ll find out whether the sailor outfits are for a campy dance number or something more sinister when entire video drops Monday.


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