Adm. Ferguson ponders presidents and pizza


Vice Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Mark Ferguson was recently asked what question he would pose to the presidential candidates if given the chance.

He must have skipped breakfast before his Monday speaking engagement, because he paused for a moment and said he would ask Romney and Obama what they wanted on their pizza: pepperoni, or sausage.

Ferguson made the comment while speaking at the Office of Naval Research Naval S-T Partnership and ASNE Expo.

Ferguson was referencing an offer from Pizza Hut. The company ran a promotion where anyone who posed the candidates that question during a debate would win a lifetime supply of pizza.

Ferguson quickly explained he was joking, and stressed that the military is strongest when it’s apolitical. Even if he was serious, it probably wouldn’t have done much good since Pizza Hut pulled the promotion shortly before the second debate after it received complaints that it was inappropriate to inject marketing into politics.

Adm. Mark Ferguson, vice chief of naval operations

Adm. Mark Ferguson, vice chief of naval operations, recently had pizza on his mind. // photo by John F. Williams



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