Katy Perry update: Fighter pilot's crush, and her friend, will make you cry


We’ve already shown you one Katy Perry-themed YouTube video, in which Super Hornet pilot Lt. Clayton Heyward offers to take the pop star to the West Coast Hornet Ball next month. It’s got all the basics for an online hit — parody-song backing, costume changes, cutaways to Futurama characters, etc.

Navy Times subscribers (again, don’t make us beg) got a little more about the video this week, including some remarks from the man himself. The video’s surpassed 30,000 views — an impressive figure, but nowhere near the Perry-themed video that went up a few days ago and aired on Comedy Central on Sunday night as part of a benefit for autism programs.

No spoilers, but Perry’s partner steals the show. Also, have some tissues handy and get ready with a good excuse, like “it’s really dusty in here” or “I was chopping onions most of the morning”:


Say what you will about his technique, Lt. Heyward knows how to pick ’em.


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