The 3-Mile Club gets new membership badges


Are you sick and tired of those smug people with those obnoxious bumper stickers touting the fact that they’ve run 26.2 miles?

3-mile-club bumper sticker.

Are you a slacker and proud of it? This bumper sticker is for you! // Photo from Cafepress.

Now you, a proud member of the elite 3-Mile Club, can fight back with sarcasm with your 1.5 mile bumper sticker. Available on Cafepress, the sticker looks like all those other white ellipses that have appeared on the rear end of cars over the last few years, but this one tells the world and those holier-than-thou marathoners that you’re lazy and out of shape you can still score at least a satisfactory in the PRT. Yes, your only cardiovascular exercise is when you do the 1.5 mile run every six months, bringing up your annual mileage to a whopping three miles, but it’s good enough.

So with that, pull your blue and gold PT uniform out from the bottom of your dresser, dust off your sneakers, and put this on your rear end.

… the rear end of your car, to be clear.


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  1. And that’s why there are so many overweight and obese members in the military. In fact, I bet a good majority can’t even run the 1.5 miles.

    Overweight and outta shape …

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