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Cmdr. Flex Plexico has been widely recognized for having one of the coolest names in the Navy, and now his fame has stretched all the way Down Under.

Plexico, spokesman for Navy Recruiting Command in Millington, Tenn., was ranked seventh on a list of the top 25 most unusual names by the Daily Dot, in between Dutch politician Tiny Kox and Australian submarine designer Hans Ohff. The list, which notes Plexico’s name would be good for a WWE wrestler, was culled from the @NameCurator Twitter feed, where Australia resident Ben Osborne posts funny, unique names of real people.

It’s the latest claim to fame for a sailor whose name was previously used as the title of a punk anthem by the British band the Shanners.

Plexico, whose real first name is Alvin, said the nickname originated during his childhood. “It was a play on my last name and I hated it – so it stuck,” he tells Navy Times.

Of being named to the latest list, he said, “I guess it’s one of the occupational hazards of being a spokesperson for a number of years. The WWE reference is pretty funny. Although I did wrestle for a couple of years in junior high school; at my size I could only see myself in the WWE if they offered something lighter than the featherweight class.”

Other nautical names on the list were Dom Perignon Champagne, who was murdered by a sailor in 2006, and Preserved Fish, a 19th century shipping merchant.

The number-one spot went to Angus Pattie, a 7-year-old in New Zealand.


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