First look at the new running suit


This summer, a sleek new running suit makes it debut.

The blue exercise attire features the latest in athletic apparel design and state-of-the-art fabric to make exercise in cool weather more comfortable. A wear test begins this summer for a uniform that one day may be worn by all hands. It is the latest design in the five-year effort to find suitable outerwear for the yellow-and-gold physical training uniform. It’s part of the Navy’s push to suit up sailors in “high performance” training gear.

The running suit, a totally new design made by New Balance, is essentially a warm-up suit, with breathable fabric designed to wick sweat away. The pullover top has long sleeves and thumb holes in the wrist cuffs; on a cold day, wearers can pull the sleeves down and put their thumbs through the holes to keep the sleeves down. The bottom of the pant legs stretch so they can be slipped on over your shoes. And the pants have convenient pockets for personal items.

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  1. Why is it taking so long to get a PT suit out to the Fleet? The Army, Navy, and Marine Corps all have PT/running suits for their respective branch and we continue with outdated items like cotton sweatpants and sweatshirts. I have been to enough bases in the Southern U.S. and the Middle East to know that this is something that is needed sooner rather than the usual nonsense of wear testing and performance testing. I know there was a previous attempt at a wind suit but to take this long to propose a replacement is disgraceful. This is not something cutting edge.
    Oh, yes it should be a mandatory issued item. An uniform item like this that provides comfort to the Sailors should be as readily available as a pea coat or foul weather jacket.

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