Intel leak? Chinese, Russian moviegoers get first glimpse at "Battleship" in IMAX


Keeping with the "family game night" theme, Lt. Cmdr. Dave Hecht describes the carrier George Washington's "Oujia board" to "Battleship" star Brooklyn Decker after a Monday news conference on the carrier's flight deck promoting the film. (Navy photo by MCSA Brian H. Abel)

Nations including China and Russia will get an inside look at some of the U.S. Navy’s most advanced tactics.

Specifically, how the Navy would deal with an alien invasion. If Liam Neeson ran Pacific Fleet. And if the director of “Friday Night Lights” ran everything.

It might not be much of an intel edge, but international audiences will be the first to see the Hollywood blockbuster “Battleship,” which debuts overseas in IMAX theaters April 12, according to an IMAX news release. More than 100 international theaters will screen the movie before it hits U.S. cinemas May 18. Gawker Media’s I09 website included the item in its “Morning Spoilers” report, appropriately enough.

As of early Wednesday, said 88 percent of its audience reviewers are eager to see the special-effects showcase — not quite the anticipation level for “The Avengers” (98 percent), but at least a little higher than “The Three Stooges” (82 percent).

Director Peter Berg and some of the film’s stars, including Rihanna, Taylor Kitsch (“John Carter”) and Brooklyn Decker (Sports Illustrated), visited troops Monday at Fleet Activities Yokosuka, Japan, and held a news conference on the carrier George Washington to promote the movie. Bookmark this link for the latest official trailers.


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