Navy cooks vie to be region's `Top Chef'


At least seven teams of Navy culinary specialists from Mid-Atlantic Region are sharpening their knives for Wednesday’s big 2012 “Top Chef” galley cook-off at Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek – Fort Story.

(Blog entry aside: Isn’t that the most ungainly possible name for a military base? Sure hard to fit on the front of an HQ, much less say.)

The competition, which is not affiliated with the Bravo TV show, has a great angle going. Each team, consisting of two military chefs ranging in rank from E-1 to E-6, will have a variety of ingredients to choose from — the same stuff for each team. Then, before they begin, each team will be given a secret ingredient — which, we presume, will be something a bit more exotic than garlic salt yet at the same time, compatible with the base ingredients.

Armed with this intel, each team will have 30 minutes to figure out what it will create and get the judges’ approval for their menu. They’ll have to make two main dishes, and use every ingredient available — in two hours. No crock pots, please.

The judges will verify that the cooks have correctly prepared the meals. Then, the cooks will spoon it out, giving judges two plates from each dish to be judged on presentation and taste, respectively.

This will be the 4th annual Mid-Atlantic Regional Galley Culinary Competition, according to Spence Layne, assistant public affairs officer for the [ungainly-named] base. Winners get trophies and bragging rights.

If you were a judge, what secret ingredients would you impose upon the teams?


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