The USS Gingerbready Roosevelt


When he’s not overseeing the next generation of naval aircraft, complex machines of composite materials, sophisticated software and engineering wizardry, Vice Adm. David Architzel, CO of Naval Air Systems Command, works with something much simpler —  namely flour, sugar and lots and lots of icing.

Over the holidays Architzel, his wife, his son and a family friend crafted a gingerbread replica of the carrier Theodore Roosevelt, a ship he commanded in the ’90s. Here it is, as it appeared on NAVAIR’s Facebook page:

Vice Adm. David Architzel's masterpiece.

It isn't quite Michelangelo, but it's still pretty good. Vice Adm. David Architzel and his family and a friend made this replica of the carrier Theodore Roosevelt out of gingerbread. // Naval Air Systems Command

Pretty sweet, huh?

Architzel has proven that he can work in confections, but it doesn’t look like he’s ventured into other mediums. If he needs some inspiration, he may want to check out Sarah Kaufmann, the force behind a cheese attack submarine Jallao and carrier Ronald Reagan.


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