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Tom Cruise is going to put on a flight suit one more time.

The Daily News, citing an interview with MTV, said that Cruise is up for a sequel to “Top Gun,” the 1986 movie that sparked a wave of interest and appreciation for Naval Aviation. It would put Cruise, as well as Top Gun director Tony Scott and producer Jerry Bruckheimer together again.

Details about the movie, including a plot, have not been revealed. But as a sign of respect to the original flick, the Scoop Deck suggests that the sequel, like the original, focuses on the struggles of aviators working their way through some sort of flight training. But since the F-14 Tomcat – a plane the movie made an icon well outside of military circles – is now out of service, how about Maverick reports to a fleet replacement squadron as a Category II pilot to learn to fly an entirely new airframe? Or maybe Maverick learns how to fly drones? And since air-to-air combat has been limited and there aren’t many MiGs to worry about these days, he flies an extended ISR mission?

Or maybe the Scoop Deck stops making suggestions for Hollywood. We clearly do not know how to create a thrilling movie without injecting some heavy creative license.


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