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Petty Officer 2nd Class Marissa Gaeta, left, kisses her girlfriend of two years, Petty Officer 3rd Class Citlalic Snell, at Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek in Virginia Beach, Va., Wednesday, Dec. 22, 2011, after Gaeta’s ship, USS Oak Hill, returned from 80 days at sea. It’s a time-honored tradition at Navy homecomings – one lucky sailor is chosen to be first off the ship for the long-awaited kiss with a loved one. On Wednesday, for the first time, the happily reunited couple was gay. (AP Photo/The Virginian-Pilot, Brian J. Clark)


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  1. Although we have ben forced to accept gays in the military, gay service members should show some good judgment in their public behavior.
    The idea of two lesbians kissing on a pier in front of families with children is completely inappropriate.
    Hopefully, the next President will use his constitutional powers as Commander-in-Chief to issue an executive order reinstating DADT.

  2. Although we have been forced to accept gays in to the military, gay service members should show some good judgment with respect to their public behavior. The sight of two women kissing in front of families with children is completely inappropriate.
    Hopefully, the next President will use his constitutional powers as Commander-in-Chief to reinstate DADT.
    If my comment is unacceptable, please explain why.

  3. Raymond, a former Marine on

    I for one am proud of these women. Gays in the military have been ‘less than’ for far too long. I’m sure that the children in the families waiting on the pier will be much more accecpting of an open display of love upon returning from sea duty than the above commenters. I say its about time!

  4. I think the above posters are ridiculous. I think that this is AMAZING! As the wife of a submariner I am VERY proud of our military men and women and could care less who they love. This is a beautiful picture and a beautiful sentiment to allow her to be the first off the ship. This makes me proud to be an American. EVERYONE should be EQUAL in this great nation. No one should have to hide behind closed doors to show their love and adoration. If you allow your kids to watch tv or be out in public in any form you shouldn’t mind them seeing this. The ignorant comments posted here are just pathetic. HOOYAH LADIES HOOYAH!

  5. Why is this so bad for children to see? Do you not think that at some point in their lives, children are going to come into contact with gays? Or (perish the thought) some children may actually be gay themselves! If you don’t have a problem with your child watching a man and a woman kiss, then you shouldn’t have a problem with them seeing two women or two men kiss. If you don’t have any children, then please get a life and stop worrying about other people’s children!!

  6. This is a first, so it’s riling up at least two random people on the internet. However, soon it will be as normal as any couple reuniting and everyone will just say- aww, how sweet, a homecoming. I look forward to the day when my daughter (I’m hoping it’s my daughter, and not a grandchild) seems confused and horrified at the thought that some consenting adult relationships were ever treated as less valid or shameful. Two adults in a long-term, committed relationship, kissing because they are thrilled to be re-united after a long separation is not inappropriate for children to see. I don’t see children in these photos, but if they were there, obviously their parents agree with me. Anyone reinstating DADT would be taking a giant step backward. People should not be forced to lie in order to serve.

  7. Your comment is unacceptable, skooter, because it is prejudice. This is a tradition in the Navy, and by excluding anyone from this tradition because of their sex, sexual preference, religion, color, socioeconomic status, etc. you would be considered a bigot. I don’t know about you, but I served in the Army, and any man or woman, gay or straight, who has my back, is okay by me. If you aren’t tolerant of others, go back to your morally bankrupt church. Or better yet, how about you go stand on the front lines of freedom and TELL ME YOU GIVE A SHIT WHETHER SOMEONE IS GAY. Go fuck yourself.

    Your friendly neighborhood Christian

  8. Skooter,
    Your post is unreasonable. Why should a lesbian couple restraint when they’re celebrating just like the family next to them? Nothing wrong with it. It’s good for the family to realize there are people out there like this.

    Naval Officer

  9. your negative comments are inappropriate, if it was a girl and boy it’d be fine? learn to appeciate people, especially those who serve and are willing to lay down their life for another. ignorant people

  10. If you don’t like gay marriage or gay relationships, don’t get one. They are happy, they got accepted to protect us. This is completely fine.

  11. Get over it folks. The same kind of comments (against “public displays”) were made to justify the oppression of the patriotic men an women of color rightfully denied their place in history. Let’s move forward and drop the old hatreds.

  12. Skooter I don’t think your comment is at all unacceptable, but it’s still kinda puzzling. Is there a problem, in your view, if a couple kiss on being reunited, or does that only apply if they are both of the same sex? Does the preserve or absence

    I’m married to a woman, and I’m male. If I kissed my wife in the presence of other people’s children, would that be a matter for concern? I suppose it’s all a question of taste. Some people just don’t like to see kissing of any kind.

    The reason why we’re seeing this particular kissing is that until very recently those two women could not even lawfully permit their relationship to become public. Now they can, and so they do and of course that is a revolutionary and highly newsworthy change.

    I suppose for some people it’s a bit like Loving v. Virginia when the repressive and overtly racist anti-miscegenation laws were declared unconstitutional. At first it must have seemed quite shocking to see mixed couples. That was not the fault of the couples though was it? The fault was in the eye of the beholder.

  13. What courage!!!! You ladies are pioneers…so happy and proud of you. For all of you haters out there talking shit about these beautiful young ladies expressing their love…mind your own business.

  14. (At least they are young and somewhat attractive. I would not want to see most Navy female sailors kissing).

    I agree with Skooter though – going from “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” to “Hey Everybody, Look at Me!” is pretty narcisistic and not very considerate.

  15. grow up and get in the 21st century people. DADT is gone and never coming back. Lets prohibit the lesbian or gay sailor who has children from getting the first kiss also, right?

    DADT is gone, and the navy is stronger for it.

    Lets clean up the dirty chiefs mess and focus on real problems.

  16. Sam veteran sailor on

    Traditions are grand. Especially when they have been based on peoples values that were TRADITIONALLY based on established religious and moral values. But sadly values have been changed to accommodate SOME peoples personal life styles that have not been the norm and still are not. The values of a few are forced on all by a few that have grabbed hold of political power. This maybe a fresh breath of air to some, but for those of us courageous enough to voice opinions, this is a sad day.
    Be free.

  17. I strongly agree with the changes that come from the repeal of DADT. I have seen some radical changes (all positive) from gay and straight service members, who claim that their service brothers and sisters that were hiding under the new policy, have become more relaxed and are now more than ever realizing that they are truly accepted in the military for who they are and what they can do instead of those service members having to feel like an outsider because of the person that they love. Anyone and everyone who feels that the repeal was a bad decision should seriously reexamine their own life.
    Every person has or does something that could potentially offend someone else, do you recommend we put a ban on every possible offensive thing that could be done? We would live in a very dull and boring world.

  18. I’m a women and my gf is in the military and I think of is ok for us to show our love. Of my gf is willing to not only fight for u but put her life on the line and die for u I think it should b ok and if u want to start with the whole gay straight PDA some of the straight couples need to get this from all of u disrespectful haters bc I personally don’t have ne kids but my sister has 6 and I wouldn’t want them around wat I see some straight ppl doin so unless u r gunna kick my gf out the military and take her place and lay ur life on the line then I need all of yall to get a better understand of love b4 u speak

  19. The bigotry displayed by some of these commenters is pretty disgusting. Get over yourselves. They’re people, just like you and me.

  20. What is disturbing is how three Navy is ”firing” top notch sailors with the ERB! That should be a got topic.. Not 2 chicks kissing!! For more info, go to Sailors Against ERB on facebook!

  21. I have been retired for over one year and to that day the Navy along with the core values were my life. I no longer feel that way, and in addition I have since removed all of my decals, gave away all my Navy T-Shirts..well, you get it. I am devastated after such an outstanding 23yr career. I guess they now where they are going at the end of times.

  22. Ro LDO RET: It’s ok, you’ll get over it and will soon visit NAVYGEAR.COM to buy those t-shits etc all over again. LOL

  23. what if it had been 2 males kissing? You all know that seeing 2 girls kissing is hot. NOT! We live in a world that if enough ppl do something out of the ordinary then it will be acceptable, no matter that god is totaly against that. Remember sodem and gamorra in the bible. A place totaly gay and sexually deviant. what happened to them? God distroyed them with fire and brimstone. But like i said before that behavior has become acceptable, so we need to respect them. we dont have to like it but we must respect them no matter how detestable it may be.

  24. AD2 Pineiro “We live in a world that if enough ppl do something out of the ordinary then it will be acceptable, no matter that god is totaly against that”

    Enough with your biblical rants; the bible also says in the first commandment “thou shall not kill” what exactly is it that the military is trained to do and does?
    I’ll bet you’re still upset over changes in the miscegenation laws; the bible thumpers at the time also claimed interracial marriage was against god’s will.

  25. I get the whole thing about equal rights and freedoms that everyone deserves and I agree with that. However.. I also feel that like the responses I’ve read the repeal of DADT creates a great division in our society and now in our military. So, how is our great military supposed to stand and fight united if because of this it is divided? I fear our military strength could be damaged from this catch 22.

  26. all those who oppose this are the same ones who turn the other way or approve of the ill-mannered behavior of navy chiefs, those alleged standard-bearers of navy core values when on deployment.

    so hipacritical.

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