A Christmas tale, submarine-version


“ ‘Twas the night before Christmas and what no one could see / The men with dolphins were under the sea.”

So begins the epic 8-minute Christmas video from the submarine force, with sailors from Kings Bay, Ga., to Yokosuka, Japan, reciting verses of “ ‘Twas the night before Christmas — Submarine Style.”

In the the tale — written by former Interior Communications Technician 2nd Class (SS) Sean Keck, who left the service in the early 1980s — a navigator spots a certain reindeer-pulled sleigh through the periscope, but is laughed at by the crew. The sub dives. Then a message arrives in radio.

“Along with the gifts I’ll take to your kin,” Santa tells the submerged sailors in the message, “I’ll visit their dreams and leave word within.”

What do you think? Has the sub force overtaken all other Navy holiday videos?


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  1. former_naval_person on

    I’m just glad they didn’t conduct an unscheduled emergency main ballast blow and inadvertently sink santa and his reindeers.

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