Congrats! I mean, hang on a minute


Yes! We all learned Thursday morning that the fall active petty officer advancement results would be released online Friday morning at 8 a.m. and posted on the Navy Advancement Center’s Facebook page a couple hours after. The happy comments rolled in as sailors (and people who cared about sailors) crossed their fingers for some good news.

Then came this downer: “Due to some technical difficulties we have to retract the statement of when the results will be published. Hopefully, NAC will have the problems resolved as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience but Navy leadership is trying to communicate and make every Sailor and Navy family aware as quickly as possible on the results and as you know sometimes speed creates errors. Once again, good luck to all.”

We can relate to that here at the Navy Times Center of Excellence. Better to get it right. No word yet from NAC on what those technical difficulties are or when they expect to release the list. Be sure to check back with as well for the latest on the list.


UPDATE: The list is out! Sigh of relief if you made it. Good luck in the spring if you didn’t.


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