The Navy and the budget: What's getting cut?


The Navy is about to start seeing significant reductions in spending for operations and maintenance, spare parts, new ships and aircraft, research and development, and personnel, all essentially the result of a flagging U.S. economy. In the new Navy Times, analysts and insiders assess the areas at risk, while readers offer suggestions on what they’d cut if they could be king for a day.

What sort of changes are they talking about inside the Pentagon? Try eliminating the scheduled 2016 nuclear refueling of the aircraft carrier George Washington, commissioned in 1992. How would readers save? Stop the perpetual uniform and sea bag changes.

The stories aren’t yet posted online, save for subscribers. But if you’re a subscriber with that access or are buying a newsstand copy, we’d like to hear your thoughts about what they have to say. Check out the stories, then come back and weigh in on the Scoop Deck.


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  1. There is a US Constitutional mandate that Congress is to maintain an Army and Navy. Cuts there should be considered last. All others should be cut first.

  2. There is also Constitutional requirements for a Postal Service. Does that mean the USPS budget should equal the Army’s?

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