Very close call


You could just as easily be reading an article about two George Washington sailors who were killed on the carrier’s flight deck.

While there was certainly a few sky-high heart rates and a couple of strings of profanity, everything turned out fine after the sailors wandered onto the deck as an F/A-18 Hornet approached for landing. Whoever decided to wave the plane off undoubtedly went to bed knowing that they earned their pay.

The video is from Sept. 25 while GW was on scheduled patrol in the Pacific.


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  1. The person at fault is either the Pilot, the LSO. The F is flashing clearly marking the deck as fouled. The LSO should have waved the pilot off. So either the LSO didn’t wave the pilot off or the pilot ignored the wave off.

    The two crewmen are part of the Arresting Gear crew, and they are inspecting a wire which was probably hit during the last landing. That’s their job. The deck is fouled and closed for landing until they do.

    Everyone wants to blame the junior sailors who almost lost their lives. I want to know which Officer was punished for this event.

  2. i aggree with josh cinelli. i just hope that robert and david dont have a unit, division or a command to lead. you are way to quick to put your two cents and judge.

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