SECNAV: Former CNO's dogs a bit salty


Clancy, the Rougheads' labrador, made a cameo in the 2009 holiday message (at the bottom of the screen). // U.S. Navy

Speakers paid tribute to the family of former Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Gary Roughead at his retirement ceremony last Friday in Annapolis. Navy Secretary Ray Mabus presented an award to his wife Ellen and thanked his daughter Elizabeth “for sharing your father with us.”

But for two other members of the Roughead family, Mabus’ compliments proved double-edged.

“And I can’t fail to mention the contributions of Clancy, the smiling Labrador, and Arleigh, the latest addition, although I do have to say that the vaunted discipline of Gary Roughead does not seem to have rubbed off on the dogs at all,” Mabus said.

Clancy appeared in the CNO’s 2009 holiday message — he sleeps throughout the 45-second clip. Since this seems to be Clancy’s only appearance on, it is difficult to confirm Mabus’ charge that Clancy and Arleigh are a little too salty.

Clancy and Arleigh could not be reached for comment. No pictures of Arleigh were available.


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