Is your housing area safe?


In our Sept. 5 issue, on newstands now, we have a report on residents’ concerns over safety in an off-base Navy housing area near Naval Station Norfolk. Using an online Norfolk Police Department database that tracks incidents reported over the previous 90 days, we learned that police had recorded one rape, one aggravated assault, two residential burglaries, four acts of vandalism and one bike theft in the 388-townhome family housing area. The manager of the Ben Moreell Housing Area says those numbers are lower than in surrounding precincts, and he appears to be right. But residents are concerned, say there is more trouble than is reported and give the private security company that is supposed to keep an eye on the area and the Norfolk Police mixed reviews.

How do you rate security in your public private venture or PPV housing area? We’re looking for responses from all over the Navy, not just Norfolk. Feel free to post here or e-mail reporter Bill McMichael at Your identity and response will be kept confidential, although we may get back to you for further comment.


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  1. It is pretty much par for the course to either have your car broken into or even stolen out here in the ppv outside of pearl harbor. I know of 10 guys on my boat alone who have had their cars stolen from right outside their homes.

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