Airplane trip


Have you ever slowed down to really take your time and think about how how an airplane flies? Like really thought about it? Like looked through the airplane and thought about it, man?

No need to spark up a pipe loaded with spice, Liz Matzelle is giving you that chance with an errie web video. In her clip she shows helicopters and planes flying at incredible speeds, but with their motions played back at a sluggish pace. She captured the footage at an extremely high number of frames-per-second but then played them back at a normal speed. The effect: extremely smooth, slow motion video.

Creating this type of  super-slo-mo video may have been an obvious decision for Matzelle — besides scores of videos about airplanes she has several clips of aquatic snails and sea creatures, some of which, of course, have been sped up to unnatural speeds. So kudos to her from the Scoop Deck, where we have yet to even master stop-and-go animation with Legos.

So click away and watch:

Details of flight that are usually invisilbe at normal speeds pop out in slow motion. // Screengrab from Liz Matzelle.

NAS Whidbey Airshow from Liz Matzelle on Vimeo.



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