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The Naval Health Research Center is looking to enroll more than 10,000 military spouses in a new study of military family health. The Department of Defense Millennium Cohort Family Study aims for a more comprehensive understanding of how military families are coping with military life after nearly a decade at war.

The new study is the fourth part of the ongoing Millennium Cohort Study, being conducted by the Deployment Health Research Department at the Naval Health Research Center.  Officials say the study, which began in 2001, is the largest prospective health project in military history.

It’s not open to everyone. The service member of the spouse must have received an invitation and have also enrolled in the Millennium Cohort Study at Participants are selected randomly from a military database.

Eligible spouses are being asked to complete a web-based questionnaire that asks about their mental and physical health, the quality of  their marital and family relationships, their deployment and reunion experiences, their perception of how their sponsor is coping and how military life and deployment are affecting their children, if applicable. Spouses, once enrolled, will be asked questions periodically over three years, regardless if the service member is still in the military or not or no longer living with them. All information will be kept confidential.

Enrollment for the family study began June 7.

To enroll in the family study, go to


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