Navy hosts 11th build-it-yourself mini-sub race



A race of home-made, human-powered subs is set for late June at a Navy testing pool in Maryland. // AP Photo

Think your underway life is tough? How about having to build you own sub and race it under your own power?

From June 27 to July 1, teams of students, clubs and companies from around the world will be converging on a Navy testing pool in West Bethesda, Md. to race their home-made subs through an underwater course. The 11th International Human-Powered Submarine Race, to be held at the model basin at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division, aims to challenge and inspire the next generation of engineers.

One of the contestants is the Scubster, a pedal-propelled sub built out of carbon fiber by a French team, according to the Associated Press. It is reported to travel up to 6.2 miles-per-hour at depths up to 16 feet underwater.

Stephane Roussan, a member of a French team, tested his Scubster mini-sub in the waters off southern France last summer. // AP Photo


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