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This YouTube clip has been making the rounds, showing what is either one of the stupidest or most impressive aerial maneuvers ever uploaded to web video.

Filmed from the ground, it depicts an Argentine aviator in some sort of attack aircraft — it’s tough to tell what type — flying roughly a meter from the ground. The aircraft comes extremely close to bystanders, some of whom scramble for cover; many will probably be jittery for days.

Technology blog Gizmodo also has a shot from the pilot’s perspective that’s just as frightening.



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  1. IA 63 Pampa. An Argentinian version of the Dornier Alpha Jet but smaller with a single engine and straight wings. It’s a training aircraft.

  2. Sure there is… you can see its effects on the ground both as it is flying and the nice burn marks it left in the grass after it passed. Even a link to the cockpit view. I have no doubts someone actually did this.

  3. He was flying in “ground effect” – not nearly as dangerous as it looks. Unnerving for the ground pounders though, eh?

  4. During the Falklands War, the Argentine AF was known for hugging the deck when attacking UK ships. It worked well to keep them under the radar and difficult to shoot at. I’m guessing that the AAF now trains their guys to do that, no matter the risk. It would be interesting to know if they also train to keep the aircraft level with the deck after releasing their ordinance. The natural rise in altitude after dropping bombs on UK ships cost a lot of Argentine pilots their lives as they were lifted into the teeth of anti-aircraft fire control systems.

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