Six clicks off target


Put the sextant down and grab your mouse — a Navy scavenger hunt begins Wednesday.

This doesn’t require scuttling around, but rather clicking. The entire contest, which begins May 18,  takes place on Facebook. It’s part of an effort to promote maritime strategy while highlighting different Navy Facebook pages.

To find the first clue, go to Big Navy’s Facebook page where you should find a hint about a command where you can find the second clue. Leave a comment there to prove you clicked through. Go to that command’s Facebook page on day two for the second clue; again, leave a comment and go to the next command. In all there are six clues. The first person to comment on the sixth command after stopping by all the others wins and get to assist in selecting the Navy’s official Facebook picture for the week of Memorial Day.

Also, since we at The Scoop Deck like you so much, here’s a compass and a map (Read: the Navy’s directory of official social media accounts. It may be helpful, but we can’t vouch that it’s up to date or exhaustive.)

This isn’t the Navy’s first Facebook-based contest. In March, in tribute to the NCAA basketball tournament, the Navy ran its own contest to determine the most popular aircraft carrier. The Carl Vinson — which certainly had less name recognition two months ago than today, considering its role in the burial of Osama bin Laden — won.


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