'Spiced': A Very Special episode


"Josh" makes a disturbing discovery at Naval Submarine School in Groton, Conn. // YouTube

Remember in the ’80s when sitcoms did Very Special episodes? Who will ever forget Jessie’s freak out when she took caffeine pills? Or the time Urkel got drunk and almost died? And don’t get Scoop Deck started on the time Brad got high, or on Uncle Ned’s drinking problem.

The sailors up at the Naval Submarine School in Groton, Conn., are reliving those glory days with “Spiced.” It’s a Very Special episode that naturally features puppets named “Josh” and “Greg” and the latter’s struggle with a very real problem in today’s Navy.


Spice and other designer drugs are scary stuff. And the part about getting kicked out of the Navy for using is no joke. Just ask any of these former mids or former amphibious assault ship Bataan sailors.

Thanks Josh and Greg. You made us laugh, and you made us think. You also taught us that sailors are referring to their Navy working uniforms as “N-dubs.” Brilliant.



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  1. Is the Navy accepting 10-year-olds now?

    Using puppets to make a serious point to adults about naval policy is condescending.

  2. Steve, the video in question is set to educate the 18-24 year olds that are the junior Sailors in the Navy. Have you tried to catch the attention of an 18-24 year old, where social media has ruled their lives? I, for one, welcome this video as a change in pace that nails the message for Spice that we are trying to get across. Lectures and briefings can only go so far until it turns into background noise. I applaud this team for making this video, and I can only hope that they make more.

  3. Charles Bellor on

    Maybe instead of playing with dolls, they should be working on cleaning their BEQ, in class, or qualifying something

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