Another CO fired … no wait


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We were more than a little concerned here at the Navy Times Center of Excellence when we learned that everyone’s favorite sugary shipmate, Cap’n Crunch, had been relieved of command. What could the reason be, we  wondered? Mustache out of regs? A “loss of crunchiness in his ability to be delicious?” We did our due diligence, got his releasables from Millington, found appropriate file photos and carved out some space in Monday’s book. A dark day for the good captain indeed.

So it was with great relief that we learned he was staying put. “Thanks to everyone who was asking about me! I was out on the seas, but don’t worry, I’m back and not going anywhere,” Crunch said on his official website. Turns out it had all been a crispy kerfuffle. We are standing by to be crunchatized, sir.


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  1. Just so long as the CAPT maintains a steady supply of crunch berries, he might very well see a bright silver star on his shoulder boards one day.

  2. That, and how about they change the crunch berries back into a berry-like shape……you know, ROUND. Whose brilliant idea was it, to make them various non-berry shapes? Hello??

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