Another Gulf War?


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Thankfully, this battle is more semantic than deadly. Thursday morning, the popular-yet-normally-benign Facebook page for the U.S. Navy was hit by cyber activists demanding that a certain body of water be referred to as the “Persian Gulf.”

The Navy, as you know, calls it the “Arabian Gulf,” although not always. The moderator of the Navy site has since struck a conciliatory tone, welcoming the new fans and inviting regulars to share their favorite Navy acronyms and jargon. Although too much alphabet soup could get them into hot water as well.

Oh, and Persian Gulf folks: Don’t bother doing the same on the Navy Times page. We already call it “Persian,” for historical reasons. But we’ll take the likers.


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  1. Based on some of the comments on the Navy page I’ve personally decided to start calling it the “Arabian Gulf” from now on.

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