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A Tomahawk missile launches from the cruiser Anzio in 2003 during Operation Iraqi Freedom. // IS1 Larry Talley

It’s fun to geek out on cruisers, especially the Ticonderoga class. They’re not very subtle: 122 vertical-launched missiles, eight harpoons, six torpedoes and two 5-inch guns surrounded by more than 100 nautical miles of AN/SPY-1 radar coverage.

But the Tico is only one class in a long line of big-gun cruisers. There was the 6,000-ton Atlanta-class cruisers of World War II. Or the early-20th-century Denver-class cruisers, complete with no less than 10 5-inch, breach-loading guns.

Now, if you have an iPhone or iPad, you won’t have to go a minute without some stimulating cruiser history, from 1883 to the present. MultiEducator, Inc. has just released its iPhone/iPad app” Cruisers of the U.S. Navy.” It’s billed as a complete history of the Navy’s cruisers.

The company says the app has more than 800 high-res photos and 280 articles, self-contained so it doesn’t need an Internet connection. You can get your cruiser on even riding in the subway.

You can check out screen shots here. The company has also previously released a version for carriers and battleships for even more Navy geekery.


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  1. @mark – Harpoon never left the Fleet. Harpoon was always available to cruisers, strike aircraft and subs. It was only removed on the smaller combatants like Perry and later flights of the Burkes.

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