Solution to the smoking ban?



Fewer than 24 hours after Navy Times broke the news that a smoking ban on submarines is in the works, folks in the smokeless tobacco industry have fired up the marketing machines.

First out of the gate is Smokefree Innotec, Inc., which provides “smokefree alternatives.”  Its press release offers “the world’s first totally smokefree hi-tec cigarette.” And they aren’t just blowing smoke. This cigarette-like nicotine delivery device contains the nicotine and aroma equivalent to one regular cigarette.

The company hopes its product will keep the smoking lamp lit (but smokeless) for the foreseeable future. And with good reason. The military sold $611 million worth of tobacco in 2005 alone.


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A Navy brat who spent eight years in the Marines (two years aboard the carrier Independence). Worked in journalism in Eastern North Carolina through the latter part of the 90s, then became editor of Air Force Times in 2000. Stayed there five years, then took a break to finish some school. Now back in the game with Navy Times.


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  2. I’m curious about the smoking ban… will sailors be afforded the opportunity to transfer to the surface fleet if they chose or decide for themselves they do not wish to stop smoking?
    I understand manning levels and Subs will go to sea, I just see a lot of heartache and frustration for everyone, especially the Goat Locker.

  3. Wow. How stupid can people get? The only purpose for this thing is to deliver nicotine and warm air into your lungs. If you just need nicotine, buy patches and save money. If you also have an oral fixation, use patches and buy some suckers. And save money. Of course, people bought Pet Rocks, so what the hell do I know?

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