Bravo Zulu to EOD



Reporting from the fourth annual Naval Expeditionary Forces Symposium and Expo …

Lt. Cmdr. Jeff Stebbins, executive officer of EOD Mobile Unit 6, is giving the EOD scoop. He is a mustang with a wealth of knowledge in gunnery, parachute ops and all things that go boom.

And he brings a remarkable and commendable report of EOD operations in operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom for 2009. These sailors and officers:

  • Conducted 6,125 combat missions
  • Conducted 916 direct-action missions with Special Operations Forces
  • Neutralized 1,306 improvised explosive devices
  • Removed 336,000 pounds of explosives from the battlefield
  • Were awarded six Purple Hearts and 81 Bronze Stars

Bravo Zulu to all EOD sailors and officers!


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