Check the tag on that T-shirt!


It seems Navy Exchange Service Command uniform centers have been selling a blue T-shirt that is not authorized for wear with the blue-and-gray camouflage Navy Working Uniform.

The T-shirt in question is the 50/50 cotton/polyester version identified by “Soffe” in red letters on the collar label. Only the cotton version is authorized.

NEXCom has pulled the 50/50s from the shelf and is offering refunds (with receipt) or store credit (without receipt) for unworn shirts.

Interestingly, Navadmin 015/10 encourages sailors to retain (but not wear) the 50/50s “and await the outcome of a study to determine if it is suitable for wear in all/any environments.”

When will that study be out? I don’t yet know, but have asked the folks at Navy Personnel Command, so expect an answer very soon.

In the meantime, don’t come cryin’ if a chief grabs you up by the collar to see if you are 100-percent cotton. You’ve been warned.


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