Navy counselors everywhere!

Master Chief Navy Counselor Laura Paquian and Navy Counselor 1st Class Staci Bradly listen to a sailor talk about his career goals during a career development session aboard the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan.


Greetings from Chicago! Navy Times staff writer Mark Faram is at the 21st Annual Navy Career Counselor’s Symposium this week, getting the straight scoop on everything impacting your career.

Check back for news and blog items from the conference. If there’s anything you would like to have us find out while we’re here, just send an e-mail to


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  1. ……a little off subject, but notice the hair length on the Master Chief. Is her hair style unsat? When I was in the Navy (in the 70’s), females hair could not extend below the bottom edge of the shirt collar at the back of the neck. Have regulations changed since the dark ages?
    Kathy HMC, USN (ret)

  2. Not only that but it appears her fingernails are way out of standard. Just another case of the “Chief’s Mess” and I literally mean mess not enforcing standards.

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