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If you’ve spent any time in an enlisted berth — outside of gilded officer country  —  then you know it’s kind of a dive. This despite the XO’s best efforts. For sailors, it’s really the little things that matter: A TV that works, working showers, a working berthing iron that isn’t caked with burnt starch and an ironing board that doesn’t look like somebody was body-slammed onto it (even though somebody was probably body-slammed onto it). Now a company has come up with another gadget to make berthing life better: a re-invented rack light. Lighting company Energy Focus removed the…

The biggest attraction at the Navy League’s annual Sea-Air-Space symposium Tuesday was not on the day’s agenda. Just before 10 a.m., the crowd at the convention center south of Washington began to thin out. People headed outside and looked toward the Potomac River. Soon enough, the space shuttle Discovery flew by, piggy-backing on a modified Boeing 747. The shuttle was traveling from Kennedy Space Center in Florida to a Smithsonian-owned hangar just outside the city. It actually made two passes.