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[youtube][/youtube] As Navy Times Prime members knew in January, the littoral combat ship Freedom became the first U.S. warship in recent memory to get a “dazzle camouflage” paint job — a four-color pattern that could confuse an adversary by creating a false bow wave and will help hide exhaust smudge with some strategically deployed black paint. Freedom left for its maiden deployment last week, paint in place, en route to the Asia-Pacific region to partner with allied navies in security operations. But how, exactly, did LCS 1 get from this to this? Thankfully, the folks at Naval Surface Force Pacific…

It hasn’t been discussed at all before now, but the littoral combat ship Independence has a mission module completely devoted to digital animation. It’s very high tech and very, very secret. Or something like that. The ship apparently makes a cameo appearance in “Cars 2,” as seen in the below trailer, venturing to an archipelago of oil rigs more dangerous than the Bermuda triangle for a rendezvous with a British spy. Exactly what role the LCS plays is unclear, but it may be some sort of transport ship, judging by the clips available.[youtube][/youtube]