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It was a cake made to order for a hull technician: porcelain white icing and a sculpted toilet that appears to have had some flow issues worthy of a trouble-call. It was the re-enlistment cake for Hull Technician 3rd Class Don Smallcanyon, a sailor aboard the destroyer Stout, which left Norfolk, Va., on deployment three weeks ago and is now one of the four destroyers in the eastern Mediterranean, ready to launch Tomahawk strikes into Syria if called upon. The cake photo was posted early Tuesday on Stout’s official Facebook page and garnered 105 likes. We can only hope the brown icing…

Subscribers to Navy Times (Not a subscriber? Don’t make us beg) got a full rundown in their print and/or digital editions this week about the birthday-cake preparations aboard the amphibious assault ship Iwo Jima, which marked Saturday’s celebration in the Gulf of Aden. While Culinary Specialist 2nd Class Jakeila Owens gave Navy Times managing editor Tony Lombardo the inside dish from half a world away, there was one thing we couldn’t show in our print edition thanks to press deadlines — the cake. It’s pictured above, but check out our gallery of shots below for more of the story.