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Anybody see the Navy’s Chief Information Officer’s blog this week? Rob Carey, the Navy’s top techie, approves of sites like Facebook. 3. Social Media as a Tool to Build Trust. Social media is an inherent part of the toolbox for members of the millennial workforce, while baby boomers are just adopting it. Social media tools should become the standard by which we can share and collaborate on information inside and outside the network boundaries. Nevertheless, there is a downside.

There’ve been a lot of rumors swirling around Washington that the 50-year-old national defense strategy (being able to fight two big wars at the same time) is about to get canned in favor of a new one. Really? What happens if the senior-most military leaders decide that preparing for asymmetrical conflicts like Iraq and Afghanistan is more important than fighting a second peer competitor? What are the implications of that for the Navy? That was a question posed by Navy guru Ron O’Rourke the other day during a panel discussion of Naval aviation in Washington. “That would amount to a change in the current force sizing…

Take a look at this. …A reporter for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch thinks Congress is going to step in and force the Navy to buy more Boeing-made Super Hornets. (St. Louis is the home of Boeing headquarters) This comes as we’re hearing more about the size of the fighter gap. We’re going to keep an eye on tomorrow’s House Armed Services seapower and expeditionary forces subcommittee meeting. The meeting is what they call a “mark-up” – or the time when legislators like to pencil in big changes to funding bills.