Fighting champ Ronda Rousey lauds Coast Guard badassery


(Skip to 5:10. Wall Street Journal video via YouTube)

Mixed martial arts superstar Ronda Rousey took down her opponent in 34 seconds in a fight heard ’round the world Aug. 1.

The Wall Street Journal re-posted its May interview with Rousey this week in honor of her victory, and in it, she gives some insight into what might have become of her if she’d taken another path:

WSJ sports columnist Jason Gay: So if, Beijing [summer 2008 Olympics], you had won gold — you would be doing what now?

Rousey: I’d probably be a rescue swimmer for the Coast Guard.

“I knew I’d be good at that, because whenever my sisters would drop a contact lens on the bathroom floor, I’d be like, ‘There, there is it.’ Like, a person in the waves, I think I would just get ’em,” she added.

The Coast Guard would probably be happy to have her as present for its 225th birthday. Rescue-qualified aviation survival technicians are a small community as it is, with only a handful of female swimmers. But the undefeated UFC superstar is unlikely to hang up her MMA career anytime soon. The UFC’s champion bantamweight female fighter, Rousey penned her memoir in May and stars in movies in her spare time.


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