Navy SEAL laughs at Islamic State’s special ops video


The Islamic State group is trying to work on its special forces prowess.

Well, they’ve got their work cut out for them, according to combat vets that viewed a recently released promotional video by the extremist group.

The video, first posted by news site Vocativ, features a dozen scenes of training, door breaching and amphibious sneak attacks. There are countless reasons why this whole thing is a giant soup sandwich, a former Navy SEAL told Navy Times in a Wednesday interview.

Starting with: Why kind of special ops mission happens in broad daylight?

“Well, the only thing that they had a modicum of understanding of was production value,” former Special Warfare Operator First Class (SEAL) Joel Lambert said.

Today Lambert stars in the hit Discovery Channel show Lone Target, but he spent a decade of his life in Naval Special Warfare, including a stint as an instructor at Basic Underwater Demolition-SEAL traning.

“These are the kind of kids that, if they had showed up at BUD/S, none of these guys who have made it through the first couple of weeks,” he said.

Their clumsiness shows absolutely zero understanding of efficient, athletic movement, Lambert said. From the way they hold their weapons to their propensity for splashing around in waist-deep water, their operations are doomed, he added.

“What was really funny — I could see, even through those balaclavas, how uncomfortable those dudes were in the water,” he said.”What these are — and I’m not exaggerating to slam these animals, because they are just vicious animals — as objective as I could be, these are a bunch of 12 or 13 year-old Airsofters who have no understanding of efficiency of movement.”

It looks more like they’ve watched a few old Bond movies and tried to emulate what they’ve seen, but as Lambert points out, even Hollywood has sharpened its portrayal of what a special forces operation remotely looks like.

At one point, a fighter kicks open a clearly unlocked door. Lambert points out that, even from a physics standpoint, that move wouldn’t work: His foot hits the hinge side of the door, rather than aiming to break the latch.

“This video, actually, reduced their threat in my eyes significantly,” he said.


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