VIDEO: Bush sailors build bombs for Iraq airstrikes



The aircraft carrier George H.W. Bush is getting ready to wrap up its Persian Gulf deployment, but before they head home, they’re lending a hand to American operations against the Islamic State in Iraq.

In this official Navy video, ordnancemen pack explosives to assemble bombs for the strikes. In the clip below, you’ll see what happens after they’re loaded onto F/A-18 Hornets and dropped onto targets. The video shows an airstrike in northern Iraq on Friday.


The Bush carrier strike group and Carrier Air Wing 8 left Norfolk back in February and are scheduled to make their way home soon. It’s currently unknown whether operations in Iraq will extend their deployment, or if they’ll be relieved by the carrier Carl Vinson as planned.


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    Great job I was on the USS JOHN F KENNEDY G1 Flight deck keep kicking the bad guy’s in the ass GO NAVY BEAT OHIO STATE

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