Navy sex assault victims tell their stories in new video series


Cryptologic Technician 1st Class Bonnie McCammond thought she was among friends when she crashed on the couch at a housewarming party several years ago.

She awoke to another sailor raping her, and as she was leaving the next morning, he asked for her phone number.  He said he had a great time and he’d like to see her again, she recalled.

“And in that moment it’s like, ‘You really think this is okay,’ ” she said. “You think that someone asleep, anywhere, whether intoxicated or not — you didn’t think there was a problem with this.”

McCammond’s story is the first in a new video series from the 21st Century Sailor Office, dubbed “Broken Links.” It took her more than a year to come forward, but now she’s teamed up with Navy leadership to help prevent assaults.

The videos will feature interviews with victims, ship COs, victim advocates and others. The campaign is kicking off as Sexual Assault Awareness Month comes to a close and the Navy continues its Sexual Assault Prevention and Response efforts throughout this year.

What  do you think of this approach? Does hearing from victims encourage you to intervene in a potentially dangerous situation, or come forward with your own story?


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  1. I feel sorry for her, but i have to say why was she drunk and was it consenual or not. You cant make a decision based on what one person says. I am not saying negative things about her, but in bootcamp they preach to the females way back then, if you get a male recruit in trouble you would get an extra pay grade to E3. No one knows what happen with her maybe she was raped the only two people that knows that is her and the guy, but i have one thing to say, if she thinks he raped her why not tell him when he asked for her phone number the next day. You see what drinking gets up. It put you in a terrible situation that is why i dont drink anymore.

  2. I’ll be waiting to see the male/female ratio of victims in these videos since DoD statistics show that in 53% of substantiated sexual assault reports, the victim is male.

  3. Javid benson really?” in bootcamp they preach to the females way back then, if you get a male recruit in trouble you would get an extra pay grade to E3.” I don’t recall any such information being given out to us females In Navy boot camp; that’s just idiotic. More victim blaming javid? she clearly states she was at a party with other sailors she thought she could trust and several of them crashed at the host house. How can it be consensual when she was ASLEEP. Did you even listen to anything she said?

  4. Javid benson, who the hell do you think you are? Did you even read the article? It says in the very first sentence she “crashed on the couch.” How the hell could she give her consent if she was asleep?! I can’t believe you’re blaming the victim for this, you FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT! It’s people like you that make rape victims not want to come forward. You should be ashamed of yourself, Javid benson!

  5. Tailhook happened 20 years ago. Why is sexaul assault still a problem in the military. Because when tailhook happened it was revealed that it was prepetuated by the people at the top thats why.

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