VIDEO: Two Academy mids make instant classic in "Brozen"



Ever since the Harvard baseball team’s viral “Call Me Maybe” video made it all the way to a live performance on The Today Show two years ago, college baseball has been waiting for another vehicular musical. Now they have it.

Naval Academy relief pitcher Midshipman 1st Class Matt Kilby posted this video to his You Tube account Friday and it’s since gotten more than 600,000 views. According to Facebook, his co-pilot there is infielder Midshipman 2nd Class Brad Borosak.

If you’re under 12 years old or the parent of someone under 12 years old, you likely already know all of the worlds to “Love is an Open Door,” from the Academy Award-nominated movie “Frozen.”

And if you don’t fall into either of those two camps, maybe this will inspire you to add it to your Netflix queue. Enjoy!


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